Multione 6.3+K Bee Loader

The Multione 6.3+K Bee Loader with 900kg lifting capacity is only 2455mm long with the forks and weights installed for easy loading sideways onto the tray.

6.3K Bee Loader


Kubota D1305, 3 cyl. – 1261 cc.


1430 kg

Lifting Capacity 

900 kg

Drive speed

9 km/h

6.3K Bee Loader

Multione 6.3+K Bee Loader

The Multione 6.3+K Bee Loader takes advantage of the huge lifting capacity and small frame of the 6.3K loader and turns it into the ultimate bee hive handling loader.

Our specialist bee forks are made in Brisbane and when installed onto the loader only increase the length of the loader by 10mm. This means a total length of 2455mm with the forks and counter weights installed making it easy to load sideways on the truck.

The 6.3k Bee Loader comes standard with larger 26×12-12 tyres, side mounted counter weights, heavy duty RED LED lights front and rear and pallet forks with fold up tines that are also width adjustable. Side shift pallet forks are also available.

Ask about our loading cradle and ramps package for fast loading, transporting and unloading of your bee loader


Product Overview


Kubota D1305, 3 cyl. – 1261 cc.

Power (Iso Gross)

25 hp



Drive speed (max)

9 km/h

Aux. hydraulic oil flow

50 l/m
Max lifting height
2.75 m

Breakout force / 50 cm

800 kg

Turning radius: inside/outside

800/2000 mm

Standard tires (Tractor profile)



1430 kg

Tipping load(w/backweights)

1200 kg

Lifting capacity (straight and w/backweights)

900 kg

Lifting capacity (fully articulated and w/backweights)

740 kg


6.3K Bee Loader

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